R package: dryworkflow

DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) Workflow for more efficient data analysis

A beta version is available at github here.


Given data files and documents, a project skeleton is generated with initial directories, template log files, template R syntax for data checking and initial analysis, makefiles and a git repository is initialised.

In the upcoming version, considerable flexibility is available to modify templates, directory names and so on. Also, package options may be set globally in a .Rprofile file so they may be reused more easily. Finally, this package provides and utilises the R makefile definitions which may be found on github here.

Also, a .gitignore file is also included and the latest version is always available at github here.


An older version was written in 2012 but due to a change of job among other things, it has not been updated. Due to the amount of time that passed, various unfixed bugs and a wish to provide more flexibility this version is no longer maintained or updated. dryWorkflow_0.1-4.tar.gz may be found here

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