2016-06-23 at 16:23:57 (Version 0.2.9004)

  1. fixed Rscript –vanilla R CMD –vanilla bug for latexmk
  2. added variables for programs like cat, rm, pdfjam, latexmk to include PROG_OPTS to set options and LATEXMK_PRE which can be prepended to latex
  3. changed outputting R syntax from .Rmd and .Rnw files to produce -syntax.R to avoid dependency loops where a .tex file then .pdf might be produced instead of using rmarkdown

Latest version available at

github: R Makefile definitions

2016-06-19 at 23:27:34

  1. added in various rmarkdown outputs like ioslides, slidy, beamer, tufte, rtf, odt

2016-05-19 at 11:58:34

  1. modified beamer from .Rnw to be more generic
  2. added beamer example and preamble .Rnw files which can be used to produce presentation, handouts, notes, articles and handouts and multiple page per page handouts from a single .Rnw file
    • see make help-beamer